JS13k Games Post Mortem | A JavaScript WebVR game using A-Frame for the Js13KGames jam

On the 13th of September, the JS13k Games jam 2017 has ended. The challenge in this contest is to build a game in JavaScript that fits in a .zip file of 13k in one month. New this year was the A-Frame category. A-Frame is a web framework for building virtual reality experiences on the web. I love 3D and VR, programming in JavaScript and a challenge, so I decided to participate (again) this year. Eventually, the biggest challenge turned out to be time. I ran out of time, with about 5kb left of the 13kb. Since I always wanted to try creating…

HTML5, JavaScript

Keep your password safe!

I’m currently working on a short course on web security. In this course, I’m going to show a couple of common mistakes in websites that create gaping holes. I’d like to give you a small tip in advance, just to make you more aware of what you are doing when you hit that ‘remember my password’ button in your browser. Although I’m pretty sure your browser itself keeps the password safe, it has to place it in the password field of the login form to be able to submit it. With this small trick you, (and anyone else that might…

Progressive Web Apps

The PWA Resource list

Recently I started getting asked more and more about the development of Progressive Web Apps. After the basic explanation about what they are I usually point to various places on the web. So, I decided to create this list of resources to have them available for everyone… Resources Progressive Web Apps A new way to deliver amazing user experiences on the web. https://developers.google.com/web/progressive-web-apps/ What are Progressive Web Apps? http://blog.ionic.io/what-is-a-progressive-web-app/ Progressive Web App Checklist https://developers.google.com/web/progressive-web-apps/checklist iOS doesn’t support Progressive Web Apps, so what? https://cloudfour.com/thinks/ios-doesnt-support-progressive-web-apps-so-what/ Progressive Web Apps — Yeh or Meh? http://developer.telerik.com/topics/web-development/progressive-web-apps-yeh-meh/ Production Progressive Web Apps with JavaScript Frameworks https://css-tricks.com/production-progressive-web-apps-javascript-frameworks/ What, Exactly, Makes…


Live-LiveCoding: node.js @ SDN event

Hello Coders! Here’s the recording of my LiveCoding session at the SDN Event. In this session I’ve build a very basic website using node.js and express.js. I talk about Pug for templating and Sass for my css. I also explain some great features in Visual Studio Code. I also streamed the session to my LiveEdu.tv channel. Be sure to check that to find out when I’ll be streaming again. You can find the code build in the session at my GitHub. I want to thank SDN for organizing the event. Be sure to check their channel as well (it’s in Dutch).


The Express.js Route to Success | express.js router

Intro You probably want your node.js server to respond to requests that are coming in, specially when you are building a website. This can be complex and quite tedious to implement in vanilla node.js. Luckily express.js has done this for you.


How to build node.js apps effortlessly with express.js

Node.js is a pretty powerful and versatile framework to build sites and tools. But using the defaults to handle HTTP requests and such can be a pain. Express.js can make your life a lot easier. In the previous tutorial I showed you how to get started with node.js, this time I’m going to expand on that. We’re going to scaffold a new Express.js app.  Express.js is a web framework that makes it very easy to handle calls to the node.js server. It helps you with routing, error handling and it works very well other frameworks. Installing the express generator The…


Getting started with Node.js on ChakraCore

Intro Last year I started to use Node.js more and more. Personally I really like it. Using node.js on ChakraCore has some advantages over using V8. I’ve decided to get to know node.js a bit better and start a series of posts about it, beginning from the top. What is node.js? Node.js is described as interface to V8, Google’s JavaScript engine that also used in Chrome. Node.js enable you to write server-side code using JavaScript. It is uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O mode.  This  very lightweight and efficient, but, as a trade off, you have have to implement every HTTP…


VR in a Box – Demo | Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Demo in Unity3D and Visual Studio 2017

Following up on my previous post, I recorded the demo with some of the presentation leading up to the demo. You can download the scripts I create in the video here. Feel free to contact me if you want to know anything more… Demo from my recent presentation on building a Google Cardboard VR app in Unity3D and Visual Studio 2017. I very quickly go over what Google cardboard is. I describe what I did in preparation of the model. I than switch to Unity3D, import the Google SDK for Unity package (https://developers.google.com/vr/unity/download) and load up the model I created.…


VR in a Box – Recap

VR in a Box Last Wednessday, March 22th, I was given the opportunity to speak at an evening organized by the Dutch Mobile .NET meetup and hosted my Centric. Since I’ve been playing with the Google Cardboard and Unity3D for a while this was a nice opportunity to tell people about it. I started with a small introduction with a bit of my history with VR and I explained what Google Cardboard is and how it works in combination with Unity3D. The second part of the presentation was about converting a physical cardboard box into a 3D model. I talked…