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BabylonJS WebVR Hello World

In a few weeks, we have our next WebXR NL meetup. This evening we are going to put a couple of WebVR frameworks head to head: A-Frame, ThreeJS, and BabylonJS. Since I happen to have some experience with BabylonJS it is upon me to explain how to work with WebVR in BabylonJS. This post will be the first part, “Hello World”. Basics For this tutorial I use StackBlitz, but any other online or offline editor will work. In my case, I started a new TypeScript project in StackBlitz. This will give you an HTML file, a TS file, and a…


Getting started with A-Frame – #1

Getting started with A-Frame For a while now I’ve been working with the A-Frame framework for building virtual reality application in the browser and I really like it. So, it’s time to dive in deeper and what better way to do that, than writing a series of tutorials. Of course, I have to start at the very beginning and work my way through the entire framework. This first tutorial will explain a little bit about the framework itself and shows you how to get your first polygons on screen in the browser. What is A-Frame? What is the A-Frame framework…

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Recording of VR in a Box @ Techdays

Last weekend the recording of my session VR in a Box for the recent Microsoft Techdays was uploaded to YouTube. If you have any feedback let me know. I might do a follow-up if necessary. You can view and download the slides over here: In case you are looking for the APK to try it for yourself:


Issues with native WebVR on Daydream

When I was building my entry for the JS13K games contest, I tested my app on the Google Daydream. One issue I ran into was that it was hard to focus my eyes in VR. I thought it was just me at first and during the contest, I didn’t have the time to investigate any further anyway. Now that the contest is over I’ve decided to dig in a little deeper. Debugging I’d like to start with a little background on how to debug a WebVR app running on a phone in a Daydream View. Since the app will probably…


VR in a Box @ Microsoft TechDays

Today I spoke at the Microsoft Techdays in Amsterdam about Google Cardboard, Unity3D and Visual Studio. There will be a recording available later which I will add to this post. But I promised the APK I’ve built during the demo. You can download it here: VR_TechDays In case you are looking for the .FBX model, you can find that here: VRBox FBX Model Thanks again to everyone attended!


Why does JavaScript even have null?

JavaScript has its quirks and difficulties. One of them is null & undefined. If there’s undefined, why does JavaScript even have null? Equality Let’s start exploring null and undefined by having a look at the following comparisons: null >= 0; //true null <= 0; //true null == 0; //false null > 0; //false null < 0; //false How can null be bigger or equal to zero, less or equal to zero, but not be equal to zero?! To understand this we have to know how JavaScript handles these comparisons. There are two different kinds of operators used in the example above: Equality Operators …


JS13k Games Post Mortem | A JavaScript WebVR game using A-Frame for the Js13KGames jam

On the 13th of September, the JS13k Games jam 2017 has ended. The challenge in this contest is to build a game in JavaScript that fits in a .zip file of 13k in one month. New this year was the A-Frame category. A-Frame is a web framework for building virtual reality experiences on the web. I love 3D and VR, programming in JavaScript and a challenge, so I decided to participate (again) this year. Eventually, the biggest challenge turned out to be time. I ran out of time, with about 5kb left of the 13kb. Since I always wanted to try creating…

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Keep your password safe!

I’m currently working on a short course on web security. In this course, I’m going to show a couple of common mistakes in websites that create gaping holes. I’d like to give you a small tip in advance, just to make you more aware of what you are doing when you hit that ‘remember my password’ button in your browser. Although I’m pretty sure your browser itself keeps the password safe, it has to place it in the password field of the login form to be able to submit it. With this small trick you, (and anyone else that might…

Progressive Web Apps

The PWA Resource list

Recently I started getting asked more and more about the development of Progressive Web Apps. After the basic explanation about what they are I usually point to various places on the web. So, I decided to create this list of resources to have them available for everyone… Resources Progressive Web Apps A new way to deliver amazing user experiences on the web. What are Progressive Web Apps? Progressive Web App Checklist iOS doesn’t support Progressive Web Apps, so what? Progressive Web Apps — Yeh or Meh? Production Progressive Web Apps with JavaScript Frameworks What, Exactly, Makes…