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Angular in a Windows Store app – Servicing

Today I’m adding an AngularJS service to the Windows Store project in Visual Studio. This service is making a call to an external webservice which returns some JSON data. This controller uses a promise to handle the call to the service and when it’s fulfilled the data is shown on the screen. You can find the code:

HTML5, JSON, TypeScript, Windows Store apps, WinJs

Combining WinJS, TypeScript, jQuery and KnockOut

In this tutorial we’re going to build a very simple Windows Store application that uses jQuery and Knockout to get some data from the internet and show this in a GridView. I’ll show you how you create a new project, get all the the TypeScript definitions you need, get data from a web service and bind that to the GridView control. I’m assuming you have at least a little TypeScript knowledge. If you don’t you should have a look at the tutorials on first. File – New Start by creating a new project using the template Store apps with…

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setting view states in HTML windows store apps using Blend

Intro From developing XAML applications I got used to working with the visual state manager to set various states of my applications and controls. In Windows Store apps that are build using XAML use the visual state manager to change various properties when the view state of the app changes. The app can be ran in fullscreen, filled or snapped state. When building Windows Store apps using HTML and JavaScript I wanted to show some UI different when the view state changes. One way to accomplish this is to change the CSS class of the elements from JavaScript. Just handle…