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storyboarding apps in PowerPoint

I recently gave a workshop about developing and designing Windows Store and Windows Phone applications. A small part of that was about storyboarding applications in Microsoft PowerPoint. The Storyboard extension is available for users of Visual Studio Ultimate, Premium and Test Professional. To view PowerPoint presentations containing these storyboards you don’t need any of those, you can even view the presentations in the PowerPoint Web App.   Storyboard Shapes If you have Visual Studio installed you’ll probably have the Storyboarding add-in as well. You can find it on the ribbon inside PowerPoint, or you can start PowerPoint Storyboard directly from…

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Windows Phone 8 theme colors for Photoshop

A while ago I posted a Photoshop color swatch with the accent colors of Windows Phone 7. I’m currently working on the design of a few apps that will be released for Windows Phone 8 too. So I created a new set of colors. You can download the set here: WindowsPhone8Accent.

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Wp7nl utilities Contribution

When building apps for Windows Phone I use my own library. I’m a “lazy” developer and don’t like writing code twice. So I place a lot of code that can be reused, like behaviors, converters and extension methods, in my library. For I while I’ve been thinking about sharing the library as an open source project on Codeplex, but in the end decided to contribute to the Wp7nl Utilities project of Joost van Schaik. The first bunch of utilities are added. I will continue to add more and describe those on my blog too. Actions for Launchers I often have…

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Windows Phone Emulator Hyper-V Error

I recently reinstalled my laptop with Windows 8 and Visual Studio 2012 to be able to develop Windows Phone 8 application on that. I thought every thing was fine until I ran the first application in the emulator. I immediate got an error: “Something happened while creating a switch: Xde couldn’t find an IPv4 address for the host machine.” After some searching I found a solution that worked for me. I had to start the Hyper-V Manager, which was on my start menu. I selected the Virtual Switch Manager… from the action menu on the right. In the Virtual Switch…