Getting started with A-Frame – #1

Getting started with A-Frame For a while now I’ve been working with the A-Frame framework for building virtual reality application in the browser and I really like it. So, it’s time to dive in deeper and what better way to do that, than writing a series of tutorials. Of course, I have to start at the very beginning and work my way through the entire framework. This first tutorial will explain a little bit about the framework itself and shows you how to get your first polygons on screen in the browser. What is A-Frame? What is the A-Frame framework…

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Recording of VR in a Box @ Techdays

Last weekend the recording of my session VR in a Box for the recent Microsoft Techdays was uploaded to YouTube. If you have any feedback let me know. I might do a follow-up if necessary. You can view and download the slides over here: In case you are looking for the APK to try it for yourself: VR_TechDays.zip


VR in a Box @ Microsoft TechDays

Today I spoke at the Microsoft Techdays in Amsterdam about Google Cardboard, Unity3D and Visual Studio. There will be a recording available later which I will add to this post. But I promised the APK I’ve built during the demo. You can download it here: VR_TechDays In case you are looking for the .FBX model, you can find that here: VRBox FBX Model Thanks again to everyone attended!