VR in a Box – Demo | Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Demo in Unity3D and Visual Studio 2017

Following up on my previous post, I recorded the demo with some of the presentation leading up to the demo. You can download the scripts I create in the video here. Feel free to contact me if you want to know anything more… Demo from my recent presentation on building a Google Cardboard VR app in Unity3D and Visual Studio 2017. I very quickly go over what Google cardboard is. I describe what I did in preparation of the model. I than switch to Unity3D, import the Google SDK for Unity package (https://developers.google.com/vr/unity/download) and load up the model I created.…

Expression Blend, WP7

colorizing images using expression blend

Yesterday I recorded a screencast to demonstrate how to colorize images in a Windows Phone 7 application using Expression Blend 4. In Silverlight or WPF I use a shader to colorize images, but because shaders aren’t available in the same way in Silverlight for Windows Phone I had do come up with a different technique. In this tutorial I show how to use application bar icons as an opacity mask on rectangles. I set the fill brush of these rectangles to the default phone accent brush. Here’s the video: colorizing images using expression blend