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Expression Blend for Developers

On April 28th I was given the opportunity to speak at the Microsoft DevDays in The Hague in the Netherlands. My session about Expression Blend for Developers was chosen by the community to fill one of the Wildcard slots. The idea for this session came when I saw a coworker tinker with XAML in visual studio to create an animation when he had Expression Blend available through his MSDN subscription. It turned out that a lot of Silverlight, WPF and Windows Phone 7 developers didn’t know they could use Expression Blend. “Expression Blend is for designers”, they thought. The first…

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Unit testing MVVM in Silverlight – SDN Event–Code and Slides

Yesterday I gave a talk at the SDN Event in Zeist about Unit testing MVVM in Silverlight. I talked briefly about how MVVM works in Silverlight and dove deeper into the Unit Testing Framework which is available in the Silverlight Toolkit. After going through the various attributes used in the framework I gave a demonstration on how to use StatLight, a command line tool for running tests. I would like to thank anyone who attended my session for coming and SDN for organizing and hosting this great and informative day. Slides Code  

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HTML5 – An Introduction – Code and Slides

Today I gave a talk about HTML5 at the UNIT4 DevDay. Thanks to UNIT4 for giving me this opportunity and thanks to everyone who attended my session! Although HTML5 far from completed, it is a lot of fun to work with. Not all tags used in HTML5 are supported by the browsers. You can try the demos on different browsers to see if they work. Download the code here. Download the slides here. For those at UNIT4 who missed this presentation, I will repeat it at UNIT4 Internet Solutions and at UNIT4 Oost Nederland.  So maybe I’ll see you there.…

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Sildes and Code – Devnology Community day

Yesterday I gave a talk at the Devnology Community Day about Unit testing Mvvm in Silverlight. Although only a handful of people came to my session, we had some nice discussions about writing tests using various frameworks. Slides Code I would like to thank Devnology and VXCompany for organizing and hosting this great and informative day. One last note. Tuesday, November 9th Sixin is organizing a user group meeting about Design and Development Experiences in Silverlight at Macaw in Schiphol-Rijk in the Netherlands. There are some places available.

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Code & Slides – SDE – What’s new in Silverlight 4

Last Tuesday the Software Developers Network – SDN organized another SDE. I’ve had the opportunity to present a session about Silverlight 4. I talked about lots of new features in Silverlight 4 and Expression Blend 4, focused on the Out-Of-Browser features.     The slides of my presentation can be downloaded here.   In my presentation I demonstrated a couple of features from my new pet project “SilverAmp”. This project is based on the legendary WinAmp, but made entirely in Silverlight. I use it to try out many new Silverlight 4 features. It’s not finished yet, but useful already. It…

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Code and Slides – Dutch Code Camp 2009

Code Camp Thanks! Thanks everyone for coming to my session about Modular Silverlight applications with Prism at the third Dutch Code Camp last Saturday! I hope you learned something useful from it. Special thanks to SDN, Stichting dotNed en VBcentral for organizing this event.   Code & Slides The slides can be downloaded  here. But more important, the source for the demo can be found over here. Links Here are a few links mentioned in the presentation: Silverlight en Expression insiders user group, Sixin Prism on MSDN A few other places with great information about Prism are: CompositeWpf on Codeplex…