Dependency Injection, MVVM, Ninject and Silverlight

Intro The MVVM patterns is pretty popular these days. In Silverlight and WPF it is used a lot. Dependency Injection is also used very often. In this tutorials I would like to show you how to use Dependency Injection when building a Silverlight application using the MVVM pattern. There are numerous Dependency Injection Frameworks. For this tutorial I’ve chosen Ninject. The main idea on how to implement DI in your application is pretty much the same for all frameworks. In this tutorial I hope I can give you a small introduction in using Ninject in you projects. Ninject is an…

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Unit testing MVVM in Silverlight – SDN Event–Code and Slides

Yesterday I gave a talk at the SDN Event in Zeist about Unit testing MVVM in Silverlight. I talked briefly about how MVVM works in Silverlight and dove deeper into the Unit Testing Framework which is available in the Silverlight Toolkit. After going through the various attributes used in the framework I gave a demonstration on how to use StatLight, a command line tool for running tests. I would like to thank anyone who attended my session for coming and SDN for organizing and hosting this great and informative day. Slides Code  

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PivotViewer and MVVM

PivotViewer series Building your first PivotViewer application Runtime PivotViewer collection creation PivotViewer – Working with Facets Handling PivotViewer events PivotViewer – Custom actions PivotViewer and MVVM Intro The MVVM patterns is a commonly used pattern in Silverlight. Because of databinding MVVM suits perfectly for WPF and Silverlight. But use it only if appropriate. Often the pattern is used when it isn’t necessary. The usage of any pattern should be a helping tool, not an enforced law. Having that of my chest, lets look at the Silverlight PivotViewer control in combination with the MVVM pattern. To make a long story short,…

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MVVM Project and Item Templates

Intro This is the first in a series of small articles about what is new in Silverlight 4 and Expression Blend 4. The series is build around a open source demo application SilverAmp which is available on   MVVM Project and Item Templates Expression Blend has got a new project template to get started with a Model-View-ViewModel project  easily. The template provides you with a View and a ViewModel bound together. It also adds the ViewModel to the SampleData of your project. It is available for both Silverlight and Wpf. To get going, start a new project in Expression…