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Styling default JavaScript UWP app controls

When working on my drum machine app I started changing the look and feel a little. I started my changing the black and gray to some more bright colors. Pretty quickly I ran into some issues with changing the look and feel of the default controls. The blue color is specified as a named color ‘Highlight’, which seems to be controlled by Windows. After searching for quite a while I came across some MSDN documentation that describe a couple of vendor specific CSS pseudo-classes to alter various elements of the controls. The whole list of pseudo-classes you can use to…

Design, Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8 theme colors for Photoshop

A while ago I posted a Photoshop color swatch with the accent colors of Windows Phone 7. I’m currently working on the design of a few apps that will be released for Windows Phone 8 too. So I created a new set of colors. You can download the set here: WindowsPhone8Accent.

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Prevent ugly images on Windows Phone

Problem Sometimes images look nice on a regular computer screen, but when used in your Windows Phone application they become ugly. This effect is most often seen on gradients and images with smooth coloring. In gradient images you’ll start to see stripes and bands. It looks like the colors in the image don’t blend anymore. Below are the 32bit and 16bit versions of the same images. Notice the banding on the right one. Cause This problem may be caused by a setting in your application or just by screen of the phone itself. It occurs when a 32bit image is…

Expression Blend, WP7

Setting visibility based on wp7 themes

Intro The Technical Certification Requirements for Windows Phone 7 applications state the following: 5.5.2 – Content and Themes Application content, such as text and visual elements, must be visible and legible regardless of the phone theme. For example, if the phone theme changes from black background to white background, the text and visual elements of your application must be visible or legible. This means that everything in you application, including images, should be well visible in the dark and light theming of the phone. Handling dark/light support is very easy. Dark and Light Often companies have a special version of…