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Expression Blend for Developers

On April 28th I was given the opportunity to speak at the Microsoft DevDays in The Hague in the Netherlands. My session about Expression Blend for Developers was chosen by the community to fill one of the Wildcard slots. The idea for this session came when I saw a coworker tinker with XAML in visual studio to create an animation when he had Expression Blend available through his MSDN subscription. It turned out that a lot of Silverlight, WPF and Windows Phone 7 developers didn’t know they could use Expression Blend. “Expression Blend is for designers”, they thought. The first…


First Windows Phone 7 Application

Duck’n’Cow My first Windows Phone 7 application is available in the marketplace, Duck’n’Cow. Feel free to download and play with it (and rate it of course ). I build the application to try some of the features of the Windows Phone. In this application I focused mainly on the accelerometers. The application shows a Duck and a Cow, hidden in a circle. When you shake the phone the duck pops up and you hear it quack. When you turn the phone upside down, you’ll see the cow pop up. Idea I wanted to create a funny looking application that could…


Mix11- just a bunch of links

Here’s just a quick list of some of the links to stuff shown in the first Mix11 Keynote. IE10 preview: ASP.NET MVC 3 Tools Update: Modernizer: NuGet  1.2: Webmatrix, Orchard, ASP.NET MVC 3 Tools Update and more in the Web Platform Installer: Have fun!

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Customizing Silverlight properties for Visual Designers

When building custom or user controls you probably end up with a large amount of properties on that control. When using the control in a visual designer like Blend or the Visual Studio designer these properties just show up. Adding a bit of structure in this can be done very easily by adding a couple of attributes to the properties. The attributes to let the visual design know what to do can be found in the System.ComponentModel namespace. There’s a WPF version of this namespace also. For the sake of simplicity I’ve created a UserControl and set the background color…

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What’s new in the Expression Design January 2011 preview?

This week Microsoft released the January 2011 preview of Expression Design 5. The preview can be downloaded here: The January 2011 preview contains only two new features: EPS import Multiple selection in the Layers panel   EPS Import I’ve found this image in my Image Library. It’s in .EPS format and I would like to use it in one of my designs. With the new Expression Design preview I can import it directly without having to convert it to another format first. To do this, go to the “File” menu and select “Import Encapsulated Postscript File…”. An open-file dialog…

Expression Blend

Expression Blend Tips and Tricks at Mix11?

I was a bit surprised when I got an email from the Mix11 team congratulating me on my session proposal making the first cut. So now it’s up to the you to vote on your favorite sessions. After voting for mine, you can vote on 9 other sessions . The entire list can be found here. The voting period ends on February 4, 2011.   My session will be focused on Expression Blend. I’ll be talking about the Visual State Manager, Sample Data and Behaviors. And I show some helpful features along way.     So go and vote now, and…


Dependency Injection, MVVM, Ninject and Silverlight

Intro The MVVM patterns is pretty popular these days. In Silverlight and WPF it is used a lot. Dependency Injection is also used very often. In this tutorials I would like to show you how to use Dependency Injection when building a Silverlight application using the MVVM pattern. There are numerous Dependency Injection Frameworks. For this tutorial I’ve chosen Ninject. The main idea on how to implement DI in your application is pretty much the same for all frameworks. In this tutorial I hope I can give you a small introduction in using Ninject in you projects. Ninject is an…

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Unit testing MVVM in Silverlight – SDN Event–Code and Slides

Yesterday I gave a talk at the SDN Event in Zeist about Unit testing MVVM in Silverlight. I talked briefly about how MVVM works in Silverlight and dove deeper into the Unit Testing Framework which is available in the Silverlight Toolkit. After going through the various attributes used in the framework I gave a demonstration on how to use StatLight, a command line tool for running tests. I would like to thank anyone who attended my session for coming and SDN for organizing and hosting this great and informative day. Slides Code  

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HTML5 – An Introduction – Code and Slides

Today I gave a talk about HTML5 at the UNIT4 DevDay. Thanks to UNIT4 for giving me this opportunity and thanks to everyone who attended my session! Although HTML5 far from completed, it is a lot of fun to work with. Not all tags used in HTML5 are supported by the browsers. You can try the demos on different browsers to see if they work. Download the code here. Download the slides here. For those at UNIT4 who missed this presentation, I will repeat it at UNIT4 Internet Solutions and at UNIT4 Oost Nederland.  So maybe I’ll see you there.…

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If you often use open source libraries you probably have a large library with various tools, like I do. NuGet is an extension for visual studio that enables you to install, uninstall and upgrade open source packages into your application very easily. Say for example you want to use MvvmLight or Ninject in your project, with NuGet it’s nothing more that tell it to add the package to your project. NuGet NuGet (formerly known as NuPack) is a free, open source developer focused package management system for the .NET platform. You can download the .vsix extension at After installing…