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Speaking about JavaScript UWP apps.

untitledLast week I was invited by iSense to give a presentation about JavaScript Frameworks in Universal Windows Platform Apps. I decided my personal goal was to show people that JavaScript is a perfectly legit language of writing your apps for Windows 10, specially when you have a web development background.

I started with an introduction about the way the JavaScript UWP apps work in Windows 10 and talked a bit about the great support of ES6 in Microsoft Edge. I then demonstrated how easy it is to convert a web application to a hosted UWP app, including what you could do in case there’s no internet connection when the app is started. I continued by introducing WinJS and showed how to use oauth in a UWP app in a secure way. I created a simple app that shows your subscriptions from YouTube.

After the break I went over the basics of KnockOutJS, in combination with WinJS, and showed the app from the first demo, but rebuild using Knockout. I added a filter to shorted the list of subscriptions.

The last part of the evening was about AngularJS, again in combination with WinJS. I showed the same app again, this time build with Angular. I added another feature, navigation.

I had a great evening and would like to thank iSense for giving the opportunity. Below are the slides if you are interested. The code for the demos will be available on my GitHub soon.

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