List item delay in Pivot

In one of my apps I wanted to have the items in a list with the list being in a Pivot control. I wanted to have the items slide in with a little delay, like they are in the Windows Phone mail app. I’ve been looking for that a lot, but couldn’t find anything. Until I stumbled upon the Pivot Control Sample app. The actual solution is demonstrated in this sample. It doesn’t seem to be documented anywhere else…

Here’s how it’s done…

All you have to do to get the delay on the items, or basically any HTML inside the pivot items, is just adding one of three CSS classes: win-pivot-slide1, win-pivot-slide2, win-pivot-slide3. Where the first has the shortest delay and the last the longest.

To see the effect you can alter the “Pivot App (Windows Phone)” template app a little. Just create a new app using that template.

Then, open one of the pages. Section3Page.html for example and change the itemTemplate part of that HTML to:

<div class="itemTemplate"
    <div class="templatecontainer">
        <img class="win-pivot-slide1"
             data-win-bind="src: backgroundImage; alt: title" />
        <div class="itemcontainer">
            <div class="itemtitle label-extralarge win-pivot-slide2"
                 data-win-bind="textContent: title"></div>
            <div class="label-mediummid win-pivot-slide3"
                 data-win-res="{ textContent: 'Section3Description' }"
                 style="height: 82px;"></div>


And that’s it J



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