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Windows Phone Sketchflow 2013

In the past I used SketchFlow to prototype my Windows Phone apps. Unfortunately the development of the windows phone SketchFlow templates stopped back in 2011. These templates don’t work in Blend for Visual Studio 2013. Today I had enough of not being able to use that template and just upgraded it to Blend for VS2013.

To use the template you’ll need Silverlight and SketchFlow (which comes with Blend on VS premium and ultimate).

You can download the Windows Phone SketchFlow templates here:

Once downloaded, extract the zip file into: %userprofile%\documents\Visual Studio 2013\Blend

This folder was probably empty and now it should have to folders in it, ProjectTemplates and ItemTemplates.

To see if it works, just start Blend and select new project on the welcome dialog. On the new project dialog go to Windows Phone. The SketchFlow template should be in the list.

The basics on how to use the template are still available on the codeplex project of the first version and are still pretty much valid. I might do an updated version of the documentation in Visual Studio 2013 in the future.




  1. Hi. I installed your template following your instructions but when I start a new sketchflow for windowsphone project an error occours in the line: <mockups:WindowsPhoneChrome.

    The designer does not display anything because of the error: the name windowsphonechrome does not exist in the namespace Microsoft.expression.prototyping.windowsphone.mockups;assembly=windowsphone.mockups

    I installed silverlight sdk you linked into your page and copied your templates in blend folder

    Can you help me?



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