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Windows Phone Emulator Hyper-V Error


I recently reinstalled my laptop with Windows 8 and Visual Studio 2012 to be able to develop Windows Phone 8 application on that. I thought every thing was fine until I ran the first application in the emulator.

I immediate got an error: “Something happened while creating a switch: Xde couldn’t find an IPv4 address for the host machine.” After some searching I found a solution that worked for me.

image I had to start the Hyper-V Manager, which was on my start menu. I selected the Virtual Switch Manager… from the action menu on the right.

In the Virtual Switch Manager I created a new virtual network switch. I selected “Internal” from the list of types and hit the button. I named the switch “Windows Phone Emulator Internal Switch” and made sure the connection type was set to “Internal Network”. After trying these setting it turned out I had to check “Enable virtual LAN identification…” too.

Below is a screenshot of the setting…

I hope this helps anyone struggling with the same issue.



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