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Screenshot1Today my new app was published to the Windows Phone Marketplace. The application shows a big red button. When this button is pressed a quote from the movie and TV series of New Kids is played.

In this I application I wanted to try a few things. First, I wanted to see how to create a trial version of an application with possibilities to buy the app. Next I added a couple of behaviors to make it very easy to share a link to the application in various ways. The main goal of all these is ease of use for the developer and reusable. For example, a lot of times you’ll need a link to the marketplace, navigate to a URL or let the enduser write a review.

Another thing I would like to build is a localized app. The first version of this app is in Dutch only. I’m working on the German version. There will be an English version too, although this will contain the Dutch quotes.

Trial version

For the trial version of the application I wanted to show a MassageBox after a few taps on the button. The MessageBox should have a link to the marketplace to directly buy the app.


“You are using the trial version of the New Kids Button application. The full version contains more quotes!

[Buy now] [Continue trial]”

Another thing that I’ve added is a behavior that sets the visibility of the element it is applied to based on whether the application is running in trial mode or not.

Other behaviors

The first behavior continues a bit on the trial version. The behavior is used to navigate to the details of the application in the marketplace. All you need to do is place this on a button and it’s ready to go.

Because getting people to review your application is crucial to a successful app you’ll need to fire up the review task somehow. One behavior in this application does just that. Attach it to a button and it opens the review screen when it is pressed.

Sending an email from the application needs to done quite often too. A behavior that fires up the email task  is used in the app. You can set the body, subject and addressee of the email.

Another behavior takes a URL as a parameter. When it is placed on a button it can be used to open a browser windows and show that URL.

The last one is my personal favorite. Sharing a link to your app on a social network is a great way to promote your application. This behavior uses the ShareThis API to share a link on a lot of different networks. 

You can download this behavior here: TimmyTools.Wp7.Behaviors.zip

A few other links

Link to the app in the marketplace : https://timmykokke.com/NewKidsApp

Twitter: @NewKidsApp

Email: NewKidsApp@hotmail.com

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