Second Windows Phone 7 app–Zwaailicht

logo99x99Today, my second Windows Phone 7 app, Zwaailicht, has passed certification and is available in the Marketplace. The application shows information about emergencies in the Netherlands, based on the P2000 system. There are a couple of sites that show this information about Police, Fire and Ambulances. When you hear a siren somewhere, you can check what’s going on in the neighborhood. Or you can see what has happen in your region when you weren’t tscreenshot01here.

Zwaailicht helps you choose one of the many feeds of http://www.alarmeringen.nl.  Which was kindly enough to made their feeds available on a Creative Commons-license. The application gives you 4 options to base your feed on.

  1. City
  2. Region
  3. GPS
  4. Nationwide

The application contains a list with almost all Dutch cites you can scroll through. To find the city you are looking for a bit faster you can use the searchbox on top to filter the list.

The region selection is a much smaller list of the regions the Dutch emergency services work in.

Zwaailicht can also find a city based on your current GPS location. It uses the Bing Geolocation service to do this. Zwaailicht sends your current GPS location to this services which returns your current address. Zwaailicht uses the city from this address to get a new feed.

The application uses Teleriks Rad Controls for Windows Phone for navigation, showing lists and filtering them. This took away lots of work in the design of the application and added a lot of smoothness and animations.

For the design itself I choose to stick to the Metro theme as much as possible. I added a couple of backgrounds to make the application stick out a little more. I used the default animations as much as possible.

The application failed certification the first time. Besides correctly configuring the manifest file in the project to contain its capabilities, like GPS in this case, it also needed to include a privacy policy. I’ve added a this to the about screen. In this I explain the data captured from the GPS is not used for anything else that getting the current city. Added the privacy policy was enough to get it certified the second time.

screenshot02 screenshot03 screenshot04

The application can be downloaded here. Don’t forget to leave a review if you like it. If you don’t, please send me an email or tweet and I might add your suggestion to the next version.


  1. De applicatie crashte bij zoeken op GPS coordinaten. De helptekst onder de I is “button” en er zijn geen ads beschikbaar. Ik hou ook niet van ads.

    Leuk initiatief overigens, goed genoeg om even op mijn startpage te blijven. :-)

  2. Thanks! Ik ben ook niet dol op ads… Er gaat toch altijd een hoop tijd in het maken van zo’n appje zitten, t zou leuk zijn er wat aan over te houden… Wat betreft de GPS ga ik even testen om te kijken wat ik kan vinden. Die button is stom, die wordt snel gefixed.
    Bedankt voor je feedback in elk geval!

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