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Expression Blend for Developers

On April 28th I was given the opportunity to speak at the Microsoft DevDays in The Hague in the Netherlands. My session about Expression Blend for Developers was chosen by the community to fill one of the Wildcard slots.

The idea for this session came when I saw a coworker tinker with XAML in visual studio to create an animation when he had Expression Blend available through his MSDN subscription. It turned out that a lot of Silverlight, WPF and Windows Phone 7 developers didn’t know they could use Expression Blend. “Expression Blend is for designers”, they thought.

imageThe first part of the session I explained Sample Data. I demonstrated how to create it and how to use it to create bindings. I demonstrated how to use the Visual State manager and set them by using behaviors. In the last demo I showed a couple of my favorite features of Expression Blend (including the gradient picker).

The recording of my session is available online and for download at Channel9. Although the slides are in English, the session itself is spoken in Dutch.

The slides contain all content shown in the demos. You can download them here.

Last but not least I would like to thank everyone for coming to my session. I hope I was able to send you home with little more knowledge that you had when you came in and inspired you to start using Expression Blend in your job.

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