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Since today is officially in beta. Its purpose is to create a platform to find and share resources for Silverlight and WPF, resources in the form of Xaml. Have a look around and if you run into issues, please let us know at


Beta 1:

In Beta 1 only a few of the final categories are supported:

  • Colors; Resources of type SolidColorBrush
  • Gradients; Resources of type GradientBrush
  • Color sets; 2 to 5 resources of type SolidColorBrush
  • Vectors; Resources of type StreamGeometry

This list will be extended with Styles, Themes, Templates and Shaders.


Future plans:

  • Adding tags and searching by them.
  • Access to the site from within Expression Blend
  • Client side validation of entered xaml using Silverlight
  • Automatic generation of preview image
  • Download multiple resources at once in one ResourceDictionary
  • An rss feed for news items

If you have requests for features you can let them know by using For anything else, send an email to

To keep up to date, follow us at



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