How to build a Unity game for Windows 10–Part 2

In part 1 of this series I showed you how to set up Unity, creating a prefab for the tiles and added the first script for generating a grid of tiles. In this second part I’d like to make the grid interactive and enable the change of colors for the rows and columns in the grid. Tile behavior Lets start by adding a new C# script to the scripts folder. I named this script TileComponent and opened it in Visual Studio. In the script we’re going to add some properties to the tile. First we need an array that will…


How to build a Unity game for Windows 10

There are various ways to develop apps and games for the Windows Platform. One of them is by using a great tool called Unity. Unity is a development environment and platform to build 3D and 2D games and interactive experiences. There’s a vast community of people creating, sharing and selling assets. The most awesome thing about Unity is that is has a free version you can use for your personal projects. It only shows a splash screen stating that the game is built with the personal version of Unity. There are beautiful examples of games built with Unity (you definitely…

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Speaking about JavaScript UWP apps.

Last week I was invited by iSense to give a presentation about JavaScript Frameworks in Universal Windows Platform Apps. I decided my personal goal was to show people that JavaScript is a perfectly legit language of writing your apps for Windows 10, specially when you have a web development background. I started with an introduction about the way the JavaScript UWP apps work in Windows 10 and talked a bit about the great support of ES6 in Microsoft Edge. I then demonstrated how easy it is to convert a web application to a hosted UWP app, including what you could do in…


OAuth in a JavaScript UWP app

A quick walkthrough on how to get authenticated with YouTube using oauth, in a JavaScript Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app. It uses a few classes from the Windows Runtime. The demo code can be found on my github account at: https://github.com/sorskoot/UWP-OAuth-demo Guide from YouTube for setting up oauth: https://developers.google.com/youtube/v3/guides/auth/installed-apps Documentation of the YouTube API: https://developers.google.com/youtube/v3/docs/ Getting your own client ID and client secret: Google developer console – https://console.developers.google.com/ How to obtain credentials – https://developers.google.com/youtube/registering_an_application More on the oauth flow – https://developers.google.com/youtube/v3/guides/auth/installed-apps Twitter: @Sorskoot Weblog: http://winjs.ninja Channel: http://youtube.com/c/winjsninja

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Styling default JavaScript UWP app controls

When working on my drum machine app I started changing the look and feel a little. I started my changing the black and gray to some more bright colors. Pretty quickly I ran into some issues with changing the look and feel of the default controls. The blue color is specified as a named color ‘Highlight’, which seems to be controlled by Windows. After searching for quite a while I came across some MSDN documentation that describe a couple of vendor specific CSS pseudo-classes to alter various elements of the controls. The whole list of pseudo-classes you can use to…


AngularJS in a Windows Store app – EP05 – Navigation

In this episode of lets build a Windows Store app using JavaScript and AngularJS I demonstrate how the navigation is implemented. I’ve added a split-view control for the menu and demonstrate how this is connected to the AngularJS navigation. You can find the code at: https://github.com/sorskoot/AngularWinjsDemo

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Enable onscreen keyboard in VS Android Emulator

By default, the Visual Studio Android emulator sets its keyboard entry to the hardware keyboard attached to you PC. But it might be very useful when developing apps to work with the software keyboard on Android. In the Windows Phone emulator, you can use a page-up and page-down to enable and disable the keyboard. In the Android emulator you’ll have to change a setting in the OS itself. To change the setting, got to the Android Settings and to Language & Input. Than select “Change Keyboard”. Hit the switch to change the input method. You’re good to go:      

Visual Studio

Hidden command line in Visual Studio

When developing applications in Visual Studio I work with the keyboard most of the time. Throughout the years I learned a lot of short cuts to a lot of features. I’m sure most of you know and use these, too. But there are some features or actions that do not work well with the keyboard. For example closing all open tabs or opening the TFS source control explorer. For actions like this I had to use the mouse, just because it was faster than the keyboard. Until I learned about this feature a while ago. A couple of versions of…

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Angular in a Windows Store app – Servicing

Today I’m adding an AngularJS service to the Windows Store project in Visual Studio. This service is making a call to an external webservice which returns some JSON data. This controller uses a promise to handle the call to the service and when it’s fulfilled the data is shown on the screen. You can find the code: https://github.com/sorskoot/AngularWinjsDemo


WinJS Classes and Namespaces

WinJS provides you with a way to create namespaces and work with classes in your code. It provides functionality to create derivatives of your classes and combine them using mixins. Class and Namespace There are many frameworks that give JavaScript the feeling of working with OO. So does WinJS. WinJS uses the WinJS.Class.define function to define a class. The function takes 3 parameters. The first parameter is a constructor that is called when the object is instantiated. You can provide parameters to the constructor that can be used when instantiating the object. For example, in the code below a ‘name’…